Legacy Material Grants

The Endangered Languages Documentation Programme (ELDP) is pleased to announce its first pilot grant round Legacy Material Grants.

ELDP Legacy Material Grants are offered to support the digitisation and archiving of legacy materials which are a rich resource for the documentation of the world’s linguistic diversity and are in danger of being lost: recordings of endangered or moribund languages in analogue format which are not part of an existing repository. The collections that are the target of these grants are in private hands or in small repositories without any access to resources for digitisation. The collections may include audio and video recordings (e.g., on tapes or reel to reel and so on), field notes, text collections and photographs. Typically, these data were collected without an archiving plan in place, and are in or about languages which are endangered or no longer spoken. Legacy Material Grant projects may develop existing data collections in a variety of ways with a view to making them accessible and discoverable, but the primary focus must be on safeguarding and preserving legacy materials through digitisation and archiving.

The maximum grant is £10,000. Legacy Grant projects last from 6 to 12 months; projects can only be funded if the materials can be made openly accessible at the Endangered Languages Archive (ELAR).

Legacy Material Grants are assessed via a two-stage process: Stage 1 is a submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI). Stage 2 is an invited application to shortlisted EOI submissions. The Invited Full Application of stage 2 should be an elaboration of the EOI application. Significant changes in the stated intention, aims or objectives of the research are not permitted. The total budget requested in the Full Application should be the same as that provided in the EOI.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us at eldp@soas.ac.uk

Application timeline

The call for expressions of interest for ELDP Legacy Material Grants is now closed.

Outcomes of Expression of Interest applications and invitation for submission of Full Applications will be notified by 15th October 2016.

The deadline for submission of full proposals is 15th January 2017.

Final decisions will be notified in 15th June 2017.

Note to previous grantees and current grant holders

If you and/or your project participants currently hold a grant with us, or have held a grant with us before, you need to ensure that your and/or your project participants documentation is in the process of being deposited or has been deposited with ELAR. The status of your deposit will be part of the evaluation of your current application. A completed collection or ongoing depositing process will be of advantage in the evaluation. ELDP will not make a formal offer until other projects supported by us have been completed or are in the process of completion. Contact us (eldp@soas.ac.uk) about the status of your and/or project participants’ deposit of the previous or current grant or if you have any further questions regarding this regulation.