ELDP provides grants for the documentation of endangered languages. Please visit our project pages for the types of projects we have funded and the Endangered Language Archive for the resulting digital collections.

If you are planning to apply for an ELDP grant, please download and read the Grant type descriptions and the guidance notes for documentation projects and legacy materials projects.

Grant Round 2025
The ELDP grant will open on 15th June 2024.
The grant round closes on 15st October 2024.
Notification of results will be by 15th April 2025.

Note to applicants
If you have already engaged in fieldwork or documentation work your application will be evaluated with regard to your track record in the creation and preservation and sharing of documentary resources. If you have created documentary materials (e.g., audio/video recordings, transcription, translation and annotation of recordings, lexical databases or word lists) we encourage you to ensure your resources are archived and made accessible for evaluation. Contact us ( if you would like to seek advice on archiving your materials.

Note to previous grantees and current grant holders

If you and/or your project participants currently hold a grant with us or have held a grant with us before, you need to ensure that the documentation materials from your and/or your project participants' grants have been deposited at ELAR.

The quality of your deposit and your track record with ELAR and ELDP will form part of the evaluation of your current application. ELDP will not make a formal offer until other projects supported by us have been completed with a deposited collection which is evaluated satisfactorily by the panel. Contact us ( about the status of your and/or your project participants’ deposit of the previous or current grant, or if you have any further questions regarding this regulation.

Please get in touch with us at if you have any questions.