about eldp trainings

ELDP offers annual training sessions for its grantees in London and collaborates with international organisations to give tailored workshops worldwide. By adapting content to the regional contexts and needs, we strive to empower researchers and community members at the early stages of their careers in Language Documentation. We offer hands-on sessions in the technical side of documentation while providing a solid theoretical foundation. A typical ELDP training takes place over one (very intensive) week and covers the following subjects:

1. Theory and method of Language Documentation - An introductory overview of the history of our field with a focus on the impact of new technologies, community involvement, and Open Access.

2. Introduction to Lexicography - One of the cornerstones of Language Documentation, presented from the point of view of experienced field linguists.

3. Language Use and Multimodality - We explore how our conception of what language is, what to record and how to capture everyday language use with video.

4. Technical guidance for audio and video recording - A chance to gain familiarity with equipment to learn all relevant technical aspects, to be able to choose and purchase exactly what you need. This includes practical sessions and quality assessment.

5. Software for annotation and lexicography - We introduce softwares like ELAN and FLex to those who have not had the opportunity to try them before. Depending on previous experience. We also offer advanced training, like for example, how to combine both programmes and make the most out of your linguistic analysis.

6. Archiving and Data Management - There are a number of challenges that come with preserving our collected materials; we lay out the role of the archives in our field, give tips for smooth data management, and discuss how to overcome these challenges.

7. Grant Writing - To encourage early career researchers from diverse backgrounds to apply to our grants, we promote peer discussion about potential projects.

8. Open session - Our team is open to give extra in-depth training in any of the areas or to have a Q&A session.

Upcoming trainings

April 14-23, 2019 - International Workshop on the Documentation of Endangered Languages and Cultures with special reference to Jharkhand

This "International Workshop on the Documentation of Endangered Languages and Cultures" with special reference to Jharkhand has been jointly organised by Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University and ELDP. The workshop is scheduled from 14-23 April 2019 at the Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University campus, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

October 10-17, 2018 - Fall School on Documentary Linguistics in the MENA region

A one week fall school on theory and methods in modern language documentation focusing on the Middle East and Northern Africa will be held at the Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin.
The school is aimed at students and junior scholars with a background in linguistics who are working on endangered languages in the MENA region. More information and selection criteria here.


September 5-12, 2018 - ELDP Training at SOAS University of London

This training is for selected ELDP grantees of the 2018 round and we are not accepting applications.